Prove it if you are patriotic
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By Hamid Al-Shabira

Patriotism is not slogans for consumption or pointless allegations or words. Patriotism is greater and more sublime than the hollow claims and exaggeration.

Patriotism briefly means deeds ahead of words, and behavior translated into facts and reflected in reality. Otherwise it is a false claim and deception that cannot fool anyone.

It is not Patriotism to plunder the nation's resources and wealth. It is not Patriotism to trade its fateful issues and monopolize leadership positions and public occupations for particular a category of people and exclude the rest of society.

 It is Patriotism to favor certain people over others on the basis of specific traits and qualities. It is not patriotism to accuse those who have different opinions of treason.

 It is not patriotism to spread the polarization, hatred, grudge, enmity and sectarianism in the Yemeni society, a society that has good and moderate values in religion and belief.

Since the dawn of September blessed revolution in 1962 and October revolution in 1963, a lot of reactionary habits have declined. Those habits were a reason behind the backwardness of Yemen, and they hindered Yemen from keeping abreast with the developed countries in many fields including the political, economic, cultural and social fields.

Yemenis began to form their collective national identity which culminated successfully in the declaration of their blessed unity on 22 May, 1990 in spite of conspiracies and plots that were woven against the establishment of a collective national identity of all the Yemenis in the north and south.

Today, Yemenis are still fighting to defend their gains in their own ways, and it seems that history repeats itself but in different scenarios.

The national identity of every nation is the characteristics and features that characterize it. The national identity translates into the spirit of belonging among its people, and it has its vital role in raising the status of the nation, its progress and prosperity.

Without the national identity, the nations will lose all the meanings of their existence and stability. It is the national identity which dictates the existence or non-existence of the nations.

Obviously, Yemenis today are fighting the battle of national identity through the consolidation of the principles of "common rights among all groups of people" so that the members of the same national identity enjoy the same rights such as the right to education, the right to express opinion, the right to live with dignity on their own land and other rights that embody the meanings of national identity.

Some people have claimed they stand for the nation and patriotism. They should prove to the people the veracity of what they say through placing the nation, its interests, stability and unity above all interests.

The people have expressed their stance on the streets and on frontlines, saying no to sectarianism, dynastic rule, disintegration and regional and international conspiracies on Yemen and its people.

Yes to unity, democracy, reconciliation, harmony, peace, reunion and togetherness. Have you got the message, gentlemen?

    قيامك بالتسجيل وحجز اسم مستعار لك سيمكنكم من التالي:
  • الاحتفاظ بشخصيتكم الاعتبارية أو الحقيقية.
  • منع الآخرين من انتحال شخصيتك في داخل الموقع
  • إمكانية إضافة تعليقات طويلة تصل إلى 1,600 حرف
  • إضافة صورتك الشخصية أو التعبيرية
  • إضافة توقيعك الخاص على جميع مشاركاتك
  • العديد من الخصائص والتفضيلات
للتسجيل وحجز الاسم
إضغط هنا
للدخول إلى حسابك
إضغط هنا
الإخوة / متصفحي موقع المركز اليمني للإعلام نحيطكم علماُ ان
  • اي تعليق يحتوي تجريح او إساءة إلى شخص او يدعو إلى الطائفية لن يتم نشره
  • أي تعليق يتجاوز 800 حرف سوف لن يتم إعتماده
  • يجب أن تكتب تعليقك خلال أقل من 60 دقيقة من الآن، مالم فلن يتم إعتماده.
اضف تعليقك
اسمك (مطلوب)
عنوان التعليق
بريدك الإلكتروني
اضف تعليقك (مطلوب) الأحرف المتاحة: 800
التعليقات المنشورة في الموقع تعبر عن رأي كاتبها ولا تعبر عن رأي الموقع   
اكثر خبر قراءة ملفات وتقارير
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الشعار يدعو للتعايش بمحبة وسلام بين أتباع الديانات وحرمة الاعتداء على دور العبادة
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